Let’s try this Blogging thing!!

Hi friends, clients and colleagues! We are trying to join this current century so thought this was a good way to start haha!

At the Da Silva Gosse Group our commitment is to be the best at what we do for clients….I know you have heard that before from other people no doubt! We are happy to prove to you that we mean what we say:)  Working with sellers, buyers, relocation clients and people building their investment portfolios are what we specialize in.

There are two things we hear constantly from our clients:

  1. Why didn’t the other agent tell us that?  We commonly list homes that have been previously listed and with our unique approach are having conversations with sellers about things we feel that they Need to Know!  The result is a new approach to the sale of their home and great results!
  2. Shouldn’t I be doing something?  As a result of the great team and systems we have developed after over a decade in this business we look after the details, scheduling, pushing all the paper to everywhere it needs to go that the result is clients have little to do but be excited about the sale or purchase of their home!

We look forward to providing regular updates and tidbits for your reading pleasure from the Da Silva Gosse Group!


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